Ready for release

My dear supporters!

It’s time for a short update and a very special one it is…

First off, exactly one year ago to the day, I left for Nashville to record my debut EP. Wow, so much has happened since (especially behind the scenes;). I want to thank all of you for your support and kind patience! 

Since my last blog/vlog, time has flown by. Meanwhile, I have had my first “Livingroom Live Session”, we finished the mixes, an awesome promo video was made en all the dots are on the i’s. We are ready to release:)

And so… what is more appropriate and awesome, than to be able to tell you: this monday (May 1st) my first single “THE BEGINNING OF ME” will be released! Yes! It’s time. This week the single will be available on iTunes en Spotify.

This single-release is on small step to the full EP-release. I can tell you more about that later on. But, obviously, all of you are invited to join that party:) And by then, the full EP will be coming your way:)

I will try to keep you guys updated as much as I can these upcoming days. I will show you our cool promo and who knows, the single will fly by on the radio:)

If you want to be updated even more, keep an eye on my socials.

For now, I leave you with this: