I’m still here! Listen up!

Well. It’s been a while… There was a brief blog-silence on my end:) But no worries, I’m still here and… instead of just giving you an update, I can soon give you a taste of the music! YES!


Over the past few weeks Henk and I have worked hard on finishing the EP and took our time to dot the ‘i’s and cross all the t’s. The perfectionist in me wanted to lay down the vocals to the best of my ability with the right feels and Henk still wanted to refine the production here and there. Also, we’ve recorded backing vocals and overdubs (additional music that is played over the music we’ve already recorded, for instance a cello solo). We are almost there! As soon as we’re done with perfecting all the songs, we can have the EP mixed and ready for release.


However, this brings us to a new phase; how will we release the EP, when will we release it officially, what will be a single? And so on. Because we still want to figure all of this out to do it right, we need a little more time. That’s why I can’t tell you exactly when I will be able to present the EP to you. Hopefully sooner than later and I will keep you posted as soon as I’ve got news:)

But… What I can do, is let you listen to the EP LIVE!!! How? Well…

This Saturday, August 27th I will be playing at the UITMARKT on Museumplein in Amsterdam and I will give a first taste of the EP!!! When Stichting Voordekunst asked me whether I could play the Provincie Noord-Holland Stage for 30 minutes (next to the Mainstage), I grabbed that chance with both hands immediately! Thrilling, but mostly super awesome! 🙂

For this occasion we’ve gathered an awesome band: Jeroen van Santen (drums), Pieter Bakker (bass), Bernard Gepken (guitar/banjo/steel), Arend Jansen (guitar) and Denise Brand (piano). All of them are amazing musicians and together we will give you a first taste of the EP.

So, if you want/can/are in the neighbourhood: You’re invited!
It’s free and fun and will be even more fun if you’re there! 😉

Date:                Saturday, August 27th
Where:             Museumplein, Amsterdam
Podium:         24; Provincie Noord-Holland
Time:               15:30 – 16:00

Uitmarkt plattegrondCheck out the complete Program for stage 24 here.

And see here: Yours truly:)