From end to beginning!

Well, that was that… The Nashville adventure has come to an end… For now… Thank goodness! I’ve had an amazing tim here with the boys; did hard work, gotten so much inspiration and learned heaps. It was an adventure with a long run-up, but this is only the beginning and I love it!:)

What is really cool is that over the last 2 days I’ve gotten the chance to visit a few places, that have in part been the reason why I fell in love with Nashville 6 years ago. One of those places is Grimey’s, a recordstore with an outspoken charisma and atmosphere that makes every music lover melt. On the outside it looks like a regular house, but as soon as you walk through the front door, you’re welcomed by so many CD’s and Vinyl with music from the 70s to new releases, from Fleetwood Mac to Adele, from new CD’s to ‘preloved’ (a.k.a. secondhand). There are lights hanging everywhere and in the basement there’s a band rehearsing. As I walked in it was just like 6 years ago and felt like coming home. This makes me so cheery:)

IMG_7685 IMG_7575IMG_7592

Another place I’ve been before was Tootsies, a café on Broadway downtown who’s outside walls are completely painted purple/pink. When I was an intern in Mobile, AL, me and Maggie, my friend and co-intern spontaneously visited Nashville on a short roadtrip. Two music-fanactics and girls with bravura hit Music City. In Tootsies we saw a wall that had names written all over it. Obviously we couldn’t stay behind on this tradition and immortalized ourselves by writing our names on the wall. At least, whether it was forever was still debatable. It was plausible that they would paint over them after a couple of years. This week I walked into Tootsies to see whether I could find my name back again. And… like it was yesterday, I walked directly to it. There it was! My name! Still there! As clear as 6 years ago! Wow… So cool:) And pretty weird as well. Because, all the things that have happened in 6 years… Back then I never expected to be recording my own EP in Nashville… What a great moment is this:)


Anyway, like I said: this is only the beginning. Now I’m going home and I can’t wait to let people hear this music, to press the CD’s, to play the songs and… to write even more! Because that’s what I love doing. Lastly, one thing is a sure thing: Nashville, I’ll be back! Because this is only just the beginning! The beginning of me…