Already full circle…

Time for a new update! Because time… it is flying…

Only 6 more days ’till my departure to Nashville. It is getting getting really close now:)

Over the past 2 weeks, Henk and I have been working our butts off to get everything done in time and in the meantime a lot of cool stuff has happened.

The most important one of these is, that yesterday we officially finished the 5 songs that will be on the EP and they’re ready to be cut! YES! I can’t wait to hear what the musicians are going to make of it; how they’ll interpret the songs, how they will play their parts, how my voice will blend with all of their sounds. This is the part that I think is the most thrilling, yet most awesome of this entire adventure. Because, their musical interpretation is THE reason I’m going to Nashville for…

In addition to that, something else cool happened (at least, I think so;)… While we were working on the last track, Henk and I were digging in some songs by other artists, like ‘Fine Line’ by Little Big Town. (For those of you who missed it: This is the song I’ve been telling people about, where it all started for me eight years ago, of which I thought: “Wow, what is this? I want to make this!” The song by which I really discovered country music and that led me to want to sing and write songs myself.) As we were looking into credits we read that Jimmie Lee Sloas (bass) and Dan Dugmore (steel/dobro) played on this record! Two of the musicians that are now going to play on my EP!
OMG… Silent moment. It doesn’t get any more full circle than that for me, haha! With a smile from ear to ear is pretty much an understatement for how I’ll be going through life the next couple of days:)

Then the serious part. My crowdfunding has been open for 12 days and reached 50% of my goal-amount with still 18 days to go. I’m super happy about that! I think it’s awesome and I appreciate it so much that people want to support me. Out of gratitude I’d want to take people with me on this adventure, put them all in my suitcase with me, bring them in the studio…

Unfortunately this is not realistic. But… there is something that come really close to this though: a 360-camera. To show my ‘crowd’ where Henk and I work, Reinout Hellenthal recorded a 360-promo yesterday. Seriously, this is so cool (and a little creepy) to see! We’ll be doing this more often:)

Check it out on your iPhone, turn around your axes and you’ll believe you’re in the studio with me! (If you have an oculus, it is creepy-cool all the way, because it looks like you’re sitting next to me in the producers’ chair.)

So, it is already literally and figuratively speaking getting full circle…😉

Check out the 360-promo here:

Want to see the difference with the ‘normal’ film? Check this:

Alright, that’s it for now. I’ll keep you posted along the way!

love, Yentl

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