Yentl is an artist and singer-songwriter who lives in The Netherlands, but found her musical home in Nashville, TN. With her ukulele she moves in her own way along the beaten roads of Country Music and Pop, with occasionally a Soulful sidetrack and a short stop at Gospel. Her sound and songs remind us of Sara Bareilles, Brooke Fraser, Cam and Amy Grant. Still, she has an undeniable particularity, which embraces vulnerability and simplicity, while balancing depth with catchy melodies. That said, it is her sensitive yet telling voice that completely pulls you into any song she sings.

Four strings and a melody are all she needs to dive into that depth, unafraid to show her vulnerable self. Her lyrics are contemplative and give a poetic inside look in her personal stories and what she calls ‘inside work’; life lessons she learns every day. However, she has her way of balancing that depth with a playful energy that blows through her songs like a breeze and falls into the rhythm of her musical timing. 

Yentl played in several Dutch radioshows like Muziek Café (NPORadio2), De Roodshow (NPORadio3), De MAX!, Thuis op 5, De Evergreen TOP1000 (NPORadio5) and De Ochtendshow (538) to promote her debut EP “The Beginning Of Me”, which she recorded in Nashville in 2017. In 2018, a larger audience got to know her through her blind audition at The Voice of Holland where she sung her rendition of ‘The Winner Takes It All’ by ABBA with her ukulele. She turned three chairs and chose Dutch singer Waylon as her coach. She also proved her versatile writing ability by writing for other artists in a variety of genres, e.g. “2 Seconden” (Mostiko, CNR Records, België) for Isabelle A – #3 in Flemmish Top50“Rustpunt” (DEMP Music, The Write Girls, NL) for Edsilia Rombley – reaching over a million streams.

Since Nashville, her life has changed a lot and her upcoming EP “For The Better Of Me” (2023) tells that story, full of lessons about her unbreakable heart and relentless hope. The record breathes inspiration from Little Big Town, Hanson, Fleetwood Mac, Natalie Hemby en Lori McKenna, yet remains Yentl’s own story on music she wrote together with producer Henk Pool and Nick Jongejan.


Tourdates 2022

upcoming shows

Dec 18 : Het Klooster, Woerden (sold out)

Dec 23: Club Dauphine, Christmas edition (with BAY)

Dec 29: Music Around The Fireplace, Hilversum