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Yentl is a singer-songwriter, who decided to follow her dreams in May 2016, to record an EP in Nashville with some of Nashville’s finest musicians. Together with producer Henk Pool (Testify to love – Avalon/Wynona Judd; Als alle lichten zijn gedoofd – Marco Borsato, co-writes with Matt Simons, Diggy Dex and others.) she worked in the LampLight Studio, owned by renowned drummer Chad Cromwell. There, Yentl’s songs, originally written on her ukulele, were given new life by a band of session musicians, who each have earned their stripes in music.

In music, Yentl herself is still a new kid on the block. Yentl: “The EP ‘The Beginning of Me’ is my starting point of realizing a dream that I’ve had for a long time. Making a record is something I’ve always wanted to do. However, I never really had the guts to go for it and I wasn’t focused on it at all. But when my 30th birthday was coming closer, I thought: ‘Shoot! If I don’t do it now, I might never do it. How much longer should you wait? There is no reason not to di the thing you’d love the most. So, let’s go!’”

Why country music, why Nashville? “I grew up with lots of different styles of music, from gospel to pop. But in 2008 I was on vacation in Alabama and I heard something on the radio that touched me so deeply. That music, the vocal harmonies, the lyrics and stories. Wow! That really hit home. When I heard that, I knew: ‘this is something I would want to make and sing!’ That same vacation I bought a ukulele and started writing songs myself. Later on, when I lived in Alabama for a while, my love for country only deepened. So, nothing seemed more perfect than to record my EP in Nashville. It’s a place that has a part of my heart and it’s the place where the heart of songwriting beats the loudest.

 And now? “Now it’s time. The record is finished. My dream has been realized. As a newbie, I probably still have a lot to learn, however the experience of recording in the studio in Nashville, of playing in the Bluebird Cafe and the actual result of the EP, already make me feel like: ‘Thank God, I did this!’ It might have taken me a while, but this is it: The Beginning of Me…”

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